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Let's get started on building the business of your dreams together.

All The Tools You Need to Build a Successful Rural Wedding Venue Business

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I know. Starting a business is hard. 

But if you've ever dreamed about owning your own business, starting a wedding venue on your own property is an amazing way to do it! 

However, having the skills, knowledge, and dedication to doing the work to achieve success is key, especially if you want to earn six-figures per season. 


I'm here to help you with that. So, let's figure out what you need.

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Let's do this! 

Hi, I'm Ameé, and I've been a businesswoman and entrepreneur for over twenty years. During my journey, I came into the wedding industry with over a decade of business ownership success and turned an unknown backyard operation into an award-winning and fun, six-figure business. Then, I did it again with a second location! 


My client & student list includes newlyweds with a big dream, single moms, wedding vendor organizations, and even real estate developers ready to scale nationwide and everyone in between. 

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Oh, by the way - teaching is also kinda my passion.

Whether it's in-person, on my podcasts, or in a book, I love to help people learn and develop new skills. 

And with every business I started and every industry I worked in over twenty years, I always helped teach other people how to do the same things I was doing. 

The root of my successes has come not from being born an expert - because nobody is - but from being an eager student myself. I have always been hungry to learn more and to share what I learned with others

That's why I am excited about being able to bring to you on-demand training to help anyone who wants to build their own dream businesses.


"Amee is an absolute genius! She helped me with my venue and getting it all put together. Her course was better than great. I gained so much information from her course and she was so helpful when I emailed her asking questions. She is very smart, kind, and funny."

—  Lacey


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