Ameé Quiriconi has put into this book everything she did to turn a simple backyard summer business into a six-figure income generating opportunity. And she didn't do it once but TWICE. Both of her venues - Woodland Meadow Farms and Dairyland - in less than 3 years of her involvement, have become two of the top locations in the Seattle area. In 2017, total gross revenues in under 5 years reached $1.1 million dollars!


Additionally, both venues have won several awards from their peers in the wedding industry and clients, not to mention regular features in local and national media.


If you are seriously considering the revenue-generating benefits of a wedding venue rental business on your rural property or farm, look no further for guidance from one of the best.                                                                                                 

Amee also provides marketing & business coaching, consulting as well as website design for any professional, including those in the wedding industry. 

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