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How to Make Your Venue "Zoom Friendly"

The coronavirus certainly did shape everyone's lives in a variety of ways and one of the biggest was forcing people to learn how to connect with each other remotely.

From work to school to talking to grandma & grandpa, to yes, weddings, video or web conferencing has almost become a de facto part of life. And even when we can return to some form of "normal," I don't think that we'll be giving up this new skill anytime soon.

Now, when it comes to weddings, a huge cost for the couple is the catering. This is largely determined by the number of guests invited to the event. If couples now have a legitimate option for having people virtually attend their wedding, this is pretty huge.

How a venue should approach is to consider installing web cameras in key locations and having them all wired back to a central location where for a couple or their technical vendor, like the videographer, to bring in their own laptop to connect.

But if you do want to offer live streaming at your venue, you also need to make sure that you the extra bandwidth from your internet provider so that there aren’t any delays or loss of connection. Now, you could allow a couple to use the equipment if they have their own tech person and not charge for the use. However, if they are not tech-savvy but love the idea of having virtual wedding guests, you will need to have a person on hand to set it up, manage it and make sure it works and that should be something you charge for. To see this in action, here’s an example of a couple and how they did their own Zoom wedding from

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