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Ameé Quiriconi

For nearly 7 years, with my companion, I was the owner of two of the most popular rural wedding venues in the Seattle area. I came into the wedding industry with a decade-plus of business experience and turned an unknown backyard operation into a fun, thriving six-figure business. As a result of that success, I decided to write and publish a small book in 2016, sharing my knowledge with others.

Now, working in weddings means we are all looking for a "...and they lived happily ever after" ending but that's not how my relationship turned out. I was given a life-changing choice in 2017 - that I would make again in a heartbeat - that forced the end of the relationship. And while I no longer own and run wedding venues, of course I have with me all of my experience I brought to the venues plus everything I learned while doing them.  

Today, I am podcaster, author, teacher, and mother. And as I have done for many years, I thrive on helping others, especially entrepreneurs building an empire at their kitchen table. And since my professional experience also includes being an inventor, maker, and more, I work with other people besides wedding venue owners. So, I invite you to learn more about the other work I do and see if we can't continue to work together on your wedding venue adventure and more. 

And thank you for visiting this site and reading this. Oh - and if you bought the book, I appreciate that too!