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Are you finally ready to go from so-so summers to six figures?

Want to start earning more money from your venue?

Ready to start running your venue business instead of it running you?

Course Launches November 2021

Is this you right now?

Do you feel like you're working a lot of hours on your wedding venue business but it doesn't feel like you're personally making enough money to make it worth it?


Do you see money coming in and money going out but you're not quite sure what the numbers really look like? 

Would you like to increase your bookings but you're not sure if you should spend money on buying social media ads or buy advertising on a wedding vendor referral site or both?

Do you know you need to increase your prices but you're not sure how to do it without losing sales so you feel stuck? 

Do you see other wedding venues around you getting more bookings than you and you don't really know what they are doing differently? 

Would you like to stop working as often and start hiring people to help but you don't think there's enough money to do it? 

If any one of these questions sound like you, then you're in luck - this course was created to help you solve these problems! 

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The Six-Figure Wedding Venue Business Roadmap


The Main Curriculum

There are six core Modules that include instructional videos, workbooks with activities and prompts, resource lists, as well as forms, and other tools to help you organize everything. 


What's Your Current Baseline

Let's not jump to solutions and planning until we really know the problem you're trying to solve.

Good business planning always involves taking a look back and review what's been going right, what's been going wrong, and setting a clear goal for where you want to go next. In this module, you will learn: 

How to breakdown and identify the pains you are trying to solve in your business

How to establish a long-term business vision is in alignment with your personal goals

How to start to get real with yourself and figure out what's been stopping you so far from taking your business to the next level


Financials Part 1

Let's take a look at the costs to operate your business and set financial goals so we see what we need to do next.

Becoming familiar with the financial aspects of your business is critical, especially if you are trying to set goals around pricing as well as finding a way to begin to pay yourself a salary. But how do all of your costs work together? How do you if you're really making money or not right now? In this module, you will:

Define your financial business goals including staffing

Learn how to document and segment all of your costs and income to how you're really doing

Calculate your venue breakeven to see how close or far you are from your target

Identify the right levers that need to be pulled to get your wedding venue business where you need it


Researching the Local Wedding Market

Let's see what's happening in the current wedding market with couples, vendors, and other venues.

Do you know what the perception is of your venue in the market right now? Do you know why couples aren't booking with you? Are vendors sending you leads? Why not? How much are other venues charging? Why are couples booking with them?


If you don't know these answers, how will you know how to figure out what to do to increase your bookings? In this module, you'll learn how to:

Research the local wedding market for business potential and to see where you currently fit in the market

Perform preliminary financial and SWOT analysis of the wedding business market and see if it aligns with your goals and where you should consider pivoting in order increase your bookings


Financials Part 2

The right price is one that creates a win-win for you and your couples.

Too many business owners who are losing money in their business think the answer is to increase their prices Maybe that's true. But by how much? And will that actually improve the business in the end? In this module, you will: 

Take the market research and see what other venues are charging and how that relates to their services

Learn how to set sales/booking targets and see how it relates to your breakeven point

Learn how to set the correct price based on market information, sales targets, and your costs.


Re-Branding the Business

Let's learn how to re-introduce your six-figure wedding venue to the world.

Changing your business model from where you are now to a six-figure wedding venue business will likely involve some re-branding activities so that vendors and couples can get to know the new and improved you. In this module, you will: 

Learn how to identify your new niche and target couple and how your venue will solve their pains

Learn how to build a branding package that creates trust & belonging with your target couples

Learn how to break up with your customers who loved you at your old price and want you back


Marketing & Sales 

Get ready to learn all the sales and marketing tactics that help you create & convert more bookings - without buying social media ads!

Where branding is about what you are going to say, marketing & sales is how you're going to say it. And savvy, six-figure venue owners having specific strategies they use that make a difference. In this module, you will: 

Learn how to apply the basic psychology behind how couples make their decisions about whom to do business with

Learn how to increase your awareness so that you can increase the number of leads you're getting

How to create a website that couples will find, love and will encourage them to contact you

Learn all the simple tools and habits that make it easy for couples to do business with you and land you more leads

How to leverage social media effectively without it taking over your life

Here's Everything Included in Your Fee

It's important that you know how much value you'll get with this course. And the following numbers are not exaggerated. They are a good-faith estimate based on my fees and the number of hours an experienced person like myself is paid to do all the work I'm teaching you how to do yourself. 

Training from a bona fide business expert

This course is based not only on my years as the owner of two successful wedding venues but also my two decades as a business owner & consultant who also helped other companies with branding, marketing, sales, and business development. In fact, to work with me one-on-one as your coach, it would take us at least (14) sessions to cover and teach you these topics, which is more than twice the cost of the program alone. But if you were to hire me to do some of this work for you and your venue, this is the good faith estimate based on my time to do the work, research, and come up with the recommendations.

$7,500 Value

Resources, Checklists & Templates

If you ever hired a consultant or expert to create done-for-you materials and tools that match your exact needs or spent hours researching and compiling the right resources, then you know how valuable this is.

$1,000 Value

Email Support

I want you to be successful! So, once you enroll, you can email me your questions, get written or video feedback, and I'll do my best to help you get the most from the course.

$300 Value

Total Course Value Is Over $8,000

Your Investment Is Only $599*

*Introductory price for 2021. Price will increase on January 1, 2022 to $799

The Six-Figure Wedding Venue Business Roadmap

Choose the installment option and make (3) monthly payments of only $233/month.

Pay in full when you sign up and save $100!

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shutterstock_436419523 resized.jpg




Pay in Full

But Is It Really Worth It?

I'll answer that question with a question: 

Do you want to finally be paid what you're worth? 

How valuable is it to you to learn how to actually do that? 

The Six-Figure Wedding Venue Business Roadmap is the course that will teach you how to take control of your business instead of it controlling you.


It’s designed specifically for wedding venue owners who are tired of working long hours and not getting paid what they deserve.


You can finally have fun in your business and even hire people to help without sacrificing your own financial and personal well-being.


This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme, but if you're willing to put in the work, this course will give you everything you need so that in one to two years, six-figures may not be just an idea or goal - it could be a reality!

If any of these sound like something that resonates with where YOU are right now as a wedding venue owner then we've got some great news for YOU...


I'm offering our brand new online course at an introductory price point during my initial launch period because I believe in this program so much and know it can change lives (including yours).


Click here today before time runs out!

Course Launches November 2021
Take advantage of the introductory pricing!
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